DDos Attack on Bitcoin Gold Website? Good or Bad?


The Bitcoin Gold Have Arrived!

 If you had any Bitcoin, you should now see a new BTG wallet with a matching amount.

Buy The Community Is As Resistant As Can Be. Maybe Because We Are Confusing Bitcoin More, and diluting the real thing. 


All of these forks, were created, as a second option,to Bitcoin, if supported enough over time. Basically we are letting those off of the bus, who complain about the field trip. We allow them to go do there own thing, and then come back when they have gotten what they wanted. 

Here are the current forks of the Bitcoin code, which started on the original Blockchain.

If you didnt get a chance, I bought some extra, and will be doing some Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, NEO and OMG giveaways to those who subscribe to my YouTube channel notifications.

We talked more about the forks here.

Bitcoin Gold Haters Attack The Website After The Fork Launch

Its not bad enough, the drama, and disagreements, people fighting to gain control.

We saw exchanges, CEOs, and prominent figures bashing either Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Gold.

We obviously cannot figure out how to co-exist yet, and when new technology changes quickly, people do not.

Full DDos Article


At roughly 4am someone launched a denial of service (Dos) attack against Bitcoin Gold and their website, wiping it completely offline.

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